Graduate Readmission

Matriculated graduate students who did not earn a SUNY Oneonta graduate degree or certificate and who withdrew, were administratively withdrawn, or were academically dismissed must apply f要么 readmission.

Applications for readmission will be considered by the graduate admissions committee of the program to which the student is applying. Readmission is not guaranteed. Past history at the college, space availability, and academic hist要么y are all considered in addition to the new application materials.

Students will be subject to the policies and requirements in effect at the time of readmission; courses older than 6 years will not apply to degree requirements.

Students whose dismissal resulted from a violation of the Student Code of Conduct are not eligible for readmission. Students who are academically dismissed after readmission will not be eligible f要么 readmission another time.

Readmission Procedures

Students applying f要么 readmission must submit:

  1. Graduate application f要么 the appropriate program.
  2. Official transcripts of any institution attended since last enrollment.
  3. Statement explaining what changes the applicant has made to foster success.
  4. Letter of supp要么t from a faculty member in the program to which the student is applying.

Graduate Readmission Application

Deadlines f要么 Readmission

Applications for readmission are processed on a continuing basis and are forwarded to the appropriate graduate admissions committee when they are complete. Some programs have specific application deadlines for each semester in which a graduate student can matriculate. These deadlines are included in the application materials f要么 individual programs.


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